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Catherine Birch

Senior Economist, ANZ

Cat Long

Co-founder, Trace

Garry Mathoda

Tax Director, PKF

Leigh Taylor

CFO, Sydney Swans

Tyler Caskey CA

Partner, TheBeanCounters

Michael Wood

Founder, Translucent

Ben Adams

Vice President, Head of Commercial & Money Movement Solution, Visa

Linda Archer


Ryan Barnes

Managing Director, TWIYO

Bryant Chen

Customer Engagement, Fathom

Catherine Coulter

Director of Small Business Solutions for Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific, Visa

Mark Donovan

CFO, Metro Finance

Chloe Dung

Financial Controller, Weel

Daniel Foo

Partner, TheBeanCounters

Stian Horne

Customer Engagement Manager, Fathom

Shauna Kenny

Marketing Manager & CFO Community Leader, Weel

Jake McGrane

Account Executive, Weel

Georgie Pollock

Head of Communications & Brand, Fathom

Heather Smith FCA

Hype Girl for Accounting Apps, ANISE Consulting

Jack Thiel

APAC Commercial Lead, Mayday

Caity Wynn

Product Marketing & CFO Community Leader, Weel